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A Path to the Self

How to Receive
Your Inner Wisdom

Mary Beth Ford, Ed.D

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Current Articles

A Path to the Self - Three Ways to Gain Self-Knowledge

Article summary: As you gain self-knowledge, you recognize your divine nature and life's deeper purpose. You transform yourself and your world.

A Path to the Self - Three Ways to Receive Your Inner Wisdom

Article summary: As you learn ways to receive your inner wisdom, you promote your spiritual growth. You embrace a much larger way of being.

A Path to the Self - Three Ways to Improve
Communication and Creativity

Article summary: As you improve your ability to express your personal truth and unique self, you become your own person. You create new ways of approaching your life.

A Path to the Self - Three Ways to Create Balance in Love

Article summary: You are worthy of love. You have a basic right to love and be loved. With a balanced center you can express love for yourself and others.

A Path to the Self - Three Ways to Claim Your Personal Power

Article summary: With personal power you transform yourself and your world. Shame is the demon. You must develop a power that inspires and strengthens you toward transformation.

A Path to the Self - Three Ways to Honor Your Deepest Feelings

Article summary: The Self communicates with you through the language of feelings. To know the desires of the Self, you must find ways to honor your deepest feelings.

A Path to the Self - Honor Your Body as the Home of Your Spirit

Article summary: Your body is the home of your Spirit. With acceptance of this belief, you treat your body well and trust its wisdom. But you must find ways to honor your body.

Accept Death, Embrace Change and Live a Purposeful Life

Article summary: You are an Infinite Being on Earth to experience the joys of living and dying well. But you must learn to trust and let go of fear to reclaim your inner power.

Your Creative Power Comes From Within

Article summary: As you affirm your inner power, it grows. Life becomes easier. But first you must embrace your true Self and tap into the creative source within.

Three Ways to Develop Your Inner Power

Article summary: As you reclaim your inner power, you create a happier, more productive life. But you must take responsibility for yourself and develop your inner power.

Your Inner Power – Three Ways to Cleanse and Raise Your Energy

Article summary: As you cleanse and raise your energy, you align with your true Self and your inner power. But you must choose ways to guard your sacred energy and use it wisely.

Your Inner Power – Know Your True Self and Access Your Real Power

Article summary: As you reconnect with your true Self and reclaim your inner power, you gain clarity of purpose. You live with more balance and joy. But these powerful gifts require that you learn and practice self-discipline.

Your Inner Power – Be the Deliberate Creator of a Happier Life and Better World

Article summary: You have the power within to create a happier, more productive life. You can reclaim this inner power by awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

Your Inner Power – Three Ways to Know Your True Self

Article summary: To live fully, you must discover your true Self. In the process of discovery you get back in touch with your inner power. You live with a sense of meaning and purpose for your existence.

Your True Self – Find Your Role and Live With Purpose
in the Earth Community

Article summary: You were born to create. You play a profound role on Earth. Live each day with meaning and purpose.

A New Way of Being – Reconnect with Earth and Your True Self

You live in a fast-paced, noisy and high-tech world. This modern way of life has caused disastrous results for Planet Earth. It alienates you from your Divine Source and from the natural world. By reconnecting with Earth and your true Self, you can create a new way of being. You renew your life meaning and purpose.

Your True Self — Follow Your Desires and Access the Power of Your Inner Genius

Article summary: Passion and desire come from your True Self. The cost of ignoring them is high. By accessing the power of your Inner Genius, you can manifest your desires.

Your True Self – Adapt to Change and Thrive in an Unpredictable World

Article summary: You can adapt to change with wisdom and resilience. Discover how to grow and thrive and align with your True Self. Live with more joy, vitality and passion.

Your True Self – Find Life Meaning and Purpose in a Vast Universe

Article summary: Change is a constant in our lives. The process of change leads to transformation. By claiming the power of the true Self, we find life meaning and purpose.

Your True Self – Change Your State of Being and Create a New Life with Your Thoughts and Feelings

Article summary: We may resolve to make a change and then slip back into old routines. But real change involves more than just actions. We must change the way we think and feel.

The Power of Breath – Use Breath Work to Enhance Well-Being of Body, Mind and Spirit

Article summary: Breath work is a powerful tool to enhance well-being. It serves as a pause button in a busy life. It calms the body and mind and connects us with our Life Source, Inner Being and true Self.

A Balanced Life – Reap the Benefits of Meditation for Body, Mind and Spirit

Article summary: Meditation may be the best life practice. It restores your body, calms your mind and empowers your true Self. It helps you live with balance between world and Spirit.

Working with Change – Three Ways to Shift Your Perspective
and Find Opportunity

Article summary: Change is a constant in our lives. Letting go of resistance and working with change open us to discover opportunity. We become more resilient, adapt and thrive.

The Mind Body Spirit Connection – Raise Your Awareness and Find More Life Passion, Balance and Joy

Article summary: Awareness of the Mind Body Spirit connection empowers you to seek personal transformation that gives life more meaning. You make conscious choices that support your general well-being. You find more life passion, balance and joy.

Life Meaning and Fractals – Find New Ways to Thrive in Chaotic Times

Article summary: We want to believe that our lives have purpose. We yearn to make a difference in the world. Fractals and chaos offer insights for a more meaningful life. We live our passion and thrive.

Aging Well: Discover the Secrets for Adapting to Life with Wisdom and Resilience

Article summary: You may see yourself and your world going steadily downhill. You may feel threatened and fearful of change. But nature wisdom and the new science offer a different perspective. They show you how to be adaptive and resilient in the midst of change. They help you discover the secrets of aging well.

Life Crisis as a Turning Point – Find the Resilience to Grow and Thrive in Difficult Times

Article summary: A life crisis is a crossroads and turning point. What matters most is how you respond. With these insights drawn from science and nature, you can find the resilience to meet life's challenges. Even when painful, you can create a richer, fuller life.

Diversity and Mutual Cooperation – Secrets to Success in Both Natural and Human Worlds

Article summary: For eons we have been curious about how the world works. We have pondered difficult life questions. What is our place in this vast universe? Do our lives have any meaning? Much unhappiness comes from our sense of isolation and lack of trust. Modern science and nature offer us a new way of seeing ourselves in the universe and a new way of being.

Change and Personal Growth – See Yourself and Your World in a New Way Through Science and Nature

Article summary: A basic principle of life is change and growth. Science tells us: Nothing stays the same. The flower bud changes and blooms into its own colorful expression. Like the bud, our own creative expression needs time for inner growth. We change and grow from the inside out. Inner growth leads us to take different actions with different results. We are evolving a new self with each choice. From science and nature we gain a new way of seeing ourselves and our world.

Personal Power and Influence – Discover the Significance of Your Small Acts with Butterfly Power

Article summary: A Chinese proverb states that the power of a butterfly's wings can be felt around the world. Modern science reveals that this proverb may be literally true. The metaphor of butterfly power changes how we view our personal power and influence in the world. It shows us that our small acts can have powerful effects. It renews our inner power and life purpose. It restores our belief that we can make a difference.

Death, Dying and A Meaningful Life

Article summary: We want to enjoy a meaningful life. We want to have a peaceful death. But do we know how? The year before he died, my brother Joe taught me three powerful lessons on living and dying well.

Forgiveness and Nature Wisdom on Letting Go

Article summary: We hold on to memories about ways that someone has hurt us or someone we love. Or perhaps we are the one who did the hurting. Forgiveness takes an act of the will that sometimes does not come easily. Nature wisdom can help us see forgiveness as a way of letting go. And nature wisdom shows us the link between letting go and growth.

Love Yourself and Others – Wisdom from Nature

Article summary: The secular world considers love a sentimental idea. The world's sacred traditions regard love as the basis for all your thoughts, words and actions. Wisdom from nature and the Law of Attraction can help you resolve the push-pulls between world and spirit. You can discover ways to grow in love for yourself and others.

Living with Power in the Present – Lessons from Nature

Article summary: From nature we learn the power of living in the present. Observing the rhythms of time in nature we reconnect with time's deeper meaning. Knowing that life exists only in the present we make conscious choices moment by moment. Spending time in nature we enjoy space to practice present moment awareness. Living in the now empowers us.

Trust and Uncertainty – Life Lessons from Nature

Article summary: Uncertainty is a predicament of life. The same questions continue to haunt us. How can we live in this uncertain world without fear? How can we approach times of uncertainty with trust? Observing nature reminds us that all life has cycles of change and stability. We learn to trust that change and mystery are present in nature and present in our lives. They are an integral part of growth and renewal.

Oneness and Diversity – Life Lessons from Nature

Article summary: During many nature walks I've pondered questions about life's meaning and purpose. Join me on a springtime walk as we make connections between nature images and life experience. We'll gain an inspiring vision of ourselves and of our world.

Wisdom for Relationships – Life Lessons from Nature

Article summary: The natural world reminds us that relationships are wondrously varied and complex. Through nature's diversity we observe some cooperation and some competition. We gain insights to enhance our relationships, our life meaning and purpose. We learn ways to restore our life balance.

Springtime Images as Life Lessons

During nature walks I've pondered questions about life's purpose and my need for life balance. Join me on a springtime walk as we make connections between nature images and life experience. We'll gain an inspiring vision of ourselves and the world.

Life Balance and the Need for Solitude

Article summary: We seek many things in this world to bring us happiness and inner peace. We set goals and work hard to achieve them. But in doing so, we often neglect our inner needs--the desires of our spirit. We struggle with the push-pulls between inner and outer worlds. Quiet time alone renews us and helps restore our life balance. Solitude is not a luxury.

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