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Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons

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A Path to the Self

How to Receive
Your Inner Wisdom

Mary Beth Ford, Ed.D

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Dr. Mary Beth Ford, EzineArticles Diamond Author

About the Author

For the past 20 years I have searched for ways to have more balance in my life. Nature has become my refuge for letting go of stress and taking time to breathe. I especially enjoy my garden walks. In my journal I keep observations of garden images. With an artist drawing pad I sketch out my ideas, looking to the natural world for guidance in human affairs. Observing garden images and making connections with life experience began a remarkable journey. What I have learned has changed how I see myself and how I live my life. I offer nature's lessons for all who share my desire for life balance and joy.

My book, Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons, tells the story of my spiritual journey and my lessons of garden wisdom. The Illustrator, Kim Henson, also has a love and respect for nature. Her delicate and detailed garden images enhance the book's message. Kim and I produced Wisdom from the Gardens as a labor of love. We hope you enjoy our book and find it helpful for your life journey.

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The Author with her husband Barry

The Author and husband Barry