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Mary Beth Ford, Ed.D

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Dr. Mary Beth Ford, EzineArticles Diamond Author

Recent Happenings

November 2015

Dr. Mary Beth Ford is a local author and resident of Kennett Square for the past 15 years. On Wednesday, November 11, Dr. Ford was a guest speaker for the Kennett Area YMCA and presented an evening of empowerment and well-being for body, mind and spirit. Her talk was titled Happiness and Life Balance from the Inside Out. She offered tips, rituals and life practices for creating unshakable happiness and life balance. Mary Beth is the author of the book Wisdom from the Gardens - Life Lessons. In her talk she made connections between garden images and life experience. She used discoveries in modern science to help her listeners build resilience from setbacks and thrive in a fast-paced world.

May 2015

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford was a guest on Blog Talk Radio's Coach Cafe, hosted by certified life coaches Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin. Mary Beth discussed Five Ways to Find Meaning and Purpose in a Chaotic World. She explored the natural world and new science for wisdom to guide our life experience. She offered busy people ways to live with balance, joy and purpose.

You can listen in the show's archives:
November 2014

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford gave a Book Talk at the Bayard Taylor Library on Wednesday, November 19, at 7 PM in the Meeting Room. In her talk, titled Life Wisdom from Science and Nature, Mary Beth explored further the work done in her book, Wisdom from the Gardens - Life Lessons. She offered five reflections for thriving in a chaotic world. From science and nature Mary Beth showed how we can create richer, fuller lives. She launched her listeners on an exhilarating journey of discovery.

June 2014
Story Corps at Longwood Gardens

Story Corps, a national oral history project, came to Longwood Gardens to help preserve its history and legacy. Mary Beth Ford and her husband Barry had their story chosen for the Longwood Story Contest. They were audio-recorded by Story Corps at Longwood on June 14. It was the conversation of a lifetime as it will be archived in the Library of Congress. Mary Beth and Barry have been members of the Longwood community for 20 years. They were honored to share the story of their connections with Longwood Gardens for generations to come.

To hear an excerpt from the recording session Click Here:
April 2014

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford joined Robert Sharpe, host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth on Blog Talk Radio. The live radio show was broadcast on April 30. It focused on how garden wisdom helps you live with joy, meaning and purpose in the world.

You can go to the show's website and listen at your convenience.

January 2014

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford joined the hosts of Coach Café Radio, Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin, for a conversation about garden wisdom and life balance on Friday, January 10. You can listen to the interview on the show's archives at

October 2013

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford participated in a Writers Panel

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford participated in a Writers Panel with three other local authors at the Bayard Taylor Library in Kennett Square, PA. Donna Murray, Head Librarian, hosted the event at the request of the local Writers Support Group. Attendees responded with much enthusiasm. Both panelists and audience members appreciated the wealth of information shared during the question and answer session. Many expressed a desire for similar events in the future.

May 2013

"Wisdom from the Gardens - Life Lessons" now available at Longwood Gardens

On your next visit to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA, you now can buy the book "Wisdom from the Gardens - Life Lessons" in the Garden Shop. Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford uses garden images from Longwood and connects them with life experience. She explores our desire for life balance and helps us appreciate our role in the intricate web of life. Many visitors come to Longwood Gardens to refresh body, mind and spirit. Wisdom from the Gardens offers them an opportunity to reflect on their garden experience at home.

April 2013

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford presents at the Kennett Square Lions Club

Dr Mary Beth Ford of Kennett Square shared her 5 lessons of garden wisdom with the Kennett Square Lions Club on April 18th. She made connections between garden images and life experience. Her presentation was well received by the members.

The Lions Club is part of an international organization which does much good work on behalf of the blind. Lions also sponsor many other diverse activities to promote a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

To learn more about the Lions Club, visit its website.

October 2012

Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford offers Garden Wisdom talk at Bayard Taylor Library

Dr Mary Beth Ford of Kennett Square talked about her book "Wisdom From the Gardens - Life Lessons"." Using nature images from Longwood Gardens, she made connections with life experience. She shared 5 garden lessons for living with more balance and joy.

Summer 2012

Bayard Taylor Library of Kennett Square, PA helped me celebrate the publishing of Wisdom from the Gardens - Life Lessons as an eBook. Head librarian Donna Murray created an attractive display and offered both paperback and companion CD at a special price for patrons. A portion of the sale proceeds benefited my wonderful hometown library. Bookmarks with quotes from the book and eBook purchase information were a popular free item. As a follow up to this successful event, I am planning a Library book talk in October.

February 2012

I am excited to announce that Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons is now available as an eBook. You can buy it for your eReader at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And you can enjoy this book in paperback at the same sites and also at Infinity Publishing.

November 2011

As I reflect on the past year's accomplishments, I appreciate the people who helped me achieve them. I have expanded my article writing to include science, as well as nature. I thank the physicist and naturalist who review each article for accuracy. Many readers have told me that they like the inclusion of science with nature. I always enjoy their responses to my writing. Each one helps me learn. Through my affiliation with, the number of article views and visits to my website has increased significantly.

This fall Infinity Publishing completed a second printing of my book, Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons. The eBook version will be available in January.

April 2011 is the largest social network on the web for people looking to improve their lives and for the experts who can guide them. It has over 1 million visitors each month. Mary Beth proudly announces that she will serve as the Official Guide and Expert for the topic of Life Balance in the Spirituality category. She invites you to visit, and experience why it ranks among the top 3000 websites.

March 2011

Mary Beth has achieved the Diamond level status as an Expert Author on This level is reserved for the most exemplary authors who consistently write high-quality articles. Mary Beth appreciates her recognition from, a top-ranked website.

July 2010

Mary Beth has released her first CD! It is titled Garden Wisdom: 5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy. On this CD recording Mary Beth makes connections between garden images and life experience to help you discover the secret of living with balance. She describes life balance as a blending of work in the world with time for nourishing the inner Self. This new CD is available now for purchase at our online store. The Garden Wisdom Store offers products for busy people who want to live with Spirit in the world. You can buy these products in various formats to suit your own desires.

March 2010

Mary Beth proudly announces the online opening of The Garden Wisdom Store. It features products from her book, Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons, and from her 2009 Garden Wisdom Teleseminar. These products are available in both audio and written form. They help each customer explore lessons from nature to enrich life experience. Mary Beth creates her work for busy people who want to live with Spirit in the world.

Fall 2009

Mary Beth is pleased to announce the dates for her two fall teleseminars: October 21 and November 18. Once again, she has based these phone workshops on her book's five lessons of garden wisdom. Be sure to check out the Products section for the now available e-book version of Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons. Also notice the additional products coming soon. Mary Beth intends to offer the message of garden wisdom in a variety of ways that may appeal to busy people who want to live with Spirit in the world.

Spring 2009

This past spring Mary Beth presented three Garden Wisdom Teleseminars based on the five lessons of garden wisdom from her book. She will present two more teleseminars in the fall. A teleseminar is a phone workshop. To receive further information about these phone workshops, sign up for the monthly Garden Wisdom newsletter at the bottom of this page.

May 2008

This spring Mary Beth contributed several articles to selected web sites. In the process she earned Expert Author status from This recognition pleases her because the EzineArticles team requires the highest quality articles and web sites from contributors.

For more information, visit:

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Wednesday, March 12, 2007

Mary Beth has completed an excellent course called "Teleseminar Secrets" with Alex Mandossian. Alex is an outstanding teacher! He provides his students with many resources for giving teleseminars and energizes them to get started! To learn more about Alex Mandossian, go to

Now Mary Beth is busy preparing the curriculum for her first Garden Wisdom Teleseminar. She'll focus on five lessons drawn from garden images to help us achieve life balance and joy. She's excited to share in a more intimate way the message of her bestselling book, Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What an amazing day!  At 8:00 a.m. Wisdom from the Gardens had an Amazon rank of #486, 601 as we launched our online campaign.  Early on, friends in Tokyo lit candles and wished us “Ganbate.”  Lovely flowers and messages arrived from well-wishers during the day.  By 8:00 p.m. Wisdom from the Gardens had attained an overall Amazon rank of 1, 020 and a bestseller rank of #37 for the Top 100 books on Spirituality.  We deeply appreciate all those who supported our campaign in many different ways.  Blessings to you!

March 2006

This past fall Mary Beth and Barry participated in a teleseminar for online book marketing.  Now they are working hard to prepare materials for a campaign on They want to have Wisdom from the Gardens listed as an Amazon best seller. The launch date is Wednesday, March 29, 2006.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.

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